Wake up early Friday morning to see Mars and Jupiter in conjunction

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Looking for a fun space activity while stuck at home? Rise and shine for Mars and Jupiter this Friday morning!

On Friday, March 20 before the Sun rises, Mars and Jupiter will be in conjunction. Less than a degree apart in the sky, the Red Planet and the largest planet will be blazing away in the southeastern sky from around 4:00 am until 6:40 am.

Though the two planets will appear to be right next to each other, keep in mind the planets are not actually physically close to each other out in space. They’re still millions of miles apart. It just appears that way from our point of view on Earth!

And as a special treat, Saturn will be about a fist’s length to the left, rising at 4:30 am!

So grab a blanket or gaze out your window before the Sun rises to watch this beautiful dance of a few of our planetary neighbors.

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