WATCH: LSC's 3D printer creates eerie 'Westworld'-inspired heads

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If you've seen Season 1 of Westworld on HBO, then you may remember Ford's office, and the creepy robot heads that sat behind him:

Inspired by the show, our MakerLab team decided to recreate Ford's office as a photo opp at our next LSC After Dark event, "Whiskey in the Wild West," on Sept. 20.

Check out this amazing timelapse of one of the heads being created:

This is just one of several heads that they've created for the event! All the heads printed are the heads of actual staff that work at LSC. In order to capture such a perfect likeness, the MakerLab team used an EVA scanner. These are the same scanners used in Hollywood to capture actors for digital special effects.

It took between 15-70 hours to print each head for a grand total of 805 hours of 3D printing!

You'll get to take a photo and recreate the scene from Westworld at LSC After Dark: Whiskey in the Wild West! Our MakerLab team will also be there to answer any questions about the 3D printing process.

Interested in getting more hands-on experience with 3D printing and other programming tools? Click here to learn more about our weekend workshops in the MakerLab!

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