WATCH: Our bees are swarming!

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Earlier this month, a few Liberty Science Center team members looked outside their office windows and noticed something unusual: a huge cloud of bees!

What they saw was our bees "swarming."

Swarming is what happens during warmer months when scout bees look for a new place to live and gather in a giant mass during their traveling process.

We called in our beekeeper, or “apiarist,” to check it out. He contained the bees in a bucket-like device called a swarm trap that had a lure smelling like a queen bee. (Don’t worry – swarming bees are focused on finding a new home, so they are surprisingly docile).

We were able to get some pretty un-bee-lievable pictures and video around the swarm. Check out the footage:

Want to learn how to be a beekeeper yourself? Join us for our program, “Beekeeping: The Sweetest Science,” every day at 11:30 am! And bee sure to visit our indoor honey bee hive on the third floor any time.

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