COVID-19: Where to Find Out More

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There’s no shortage of news about COVID-19, and it can get overwhelming. To help you cut straight to useful and reliable info, we put together a list of some of our favorite resources.

The Ultimate Kids’ Guide to the New Coronavirus: A clear, factual, and friendly overview from news site Live Science, written at an elementary-school level (but useful for anyone).

How to Talk to Your Kids about Coronavirus: Tips for grown-ups from PBS Kids, with links to relevant videos and games featuring Elmo, Daniel Tiger, and other characters young kids know and love.

Nature Coronavirus Collection: Many news organizations have made their articles about COVID-19 available for free. That goes for scientific journals, too, such as the esteemed Nature, which publishes both peer-reviewed research and up-to-date science news.

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center: On this site by public health experts at JHU, you’ll find one of the best interactive maps of COVID-19 data and a curated selection of news links.

NY Times Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker: Find out the status of each of the dozens of vaccines currently in development.

Ask a Scientist: Ask anything about COVID-19 and get a personal response by email (if your question isn’t already answered on the site, run by the Federation of American Scientists). We tried it and it really works!

LitCovid: To read studies firsthand or just be reassured that there are many scientists on the case, search this hub from the National Library of Medicine. It collects all of the research papers about COVID-19—that’s 2,431 and counting.

Centers for Disease Control: Official health information and prevention tips from the national public health agency.

New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub: The latest info for NJ residents about health and safety, unemployment benefits, housing assistance, and more.

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