Why have our co-chairs joined our mission? ‘LSC provides knowledge and opportunity for our young generations’

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Liberty Science Center’s 8th Annual Genius Gala is Monday, May 13!

On this night, we’ll honor four visionary women and men of science: Martine Rothblatt, pioneer of satellite communications and biotechnology; Chris Messina, inventor of the social media hashtag; and Sally Shaywitz and Bennett Shaywitz, the world’s leading experts on dyslexia.

We’re also giving out the new Strides in STEM Award to Karlie Kloss, the supermodel, entrepreneur, and philanthropist whose nonprofit Kode with Klossy creates learning experiences and opportunities for young women in a tech-driven world.

LSC has chosen to celebrate these geniuses because their work connects to our mission of inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers, and exciting learners of all ages about the power, promise, and pure fun of science and technology.

In the days leading up to the Gala, we caught up with three of our co-chairs about why they have chosen to join LSC in our mission:

David Barry, President and CEO of Ironstate Development Company; President and CEO, Urby:

I believe that a quality science museum and learning center like LSC is in a unique position to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, as it is a learning center for kids of all ages. LSC is able to capture the attention and curiosity of very young children in a playful and fun environment, and then progressively develop their scientific knowledge over the years. It is cool to have the flexibility and resources to capture the passion of kids and turn that passion into marketable skills that will serve the individual for life in a career of science or anything else.

Jennifer A. Chalsty, Director, Advisory Council, James Buchanan Urological Institute at Johns Hopkins University:

Liberty Science Center is an educational institution benefitting children, and anything associated with STEM is important to me.

Barbara G. Koster, SVP and CIO of Prudential Financial, Inc.:

As a technologist myself, I am passionate about creating the technologists of the future. Liberty Science Center provides knowledge and opportunity for our young generations to explore and learn about what the possibilities in technology can be.

Kevin P. Conlin, Chairman of the Board, CEO, and President, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey:

Science, engineering, and technology have always been and will always be elemental to advancing the human condition. Scientists not only doubled the average life expectancy of humans on every continent over the last 160 years, but dramatically improved the quality of human life. Today, new discoveries in precision medicine allow us to know which treatment will work best for a particular person. At the same time, we are unlocking the human genome and using the body’s own systems and capabilities to repair itself. Add to that the advances in understanding the brain and the biochemical underpinnings of many mental and behavioral health conditions—depression, anxiety, addiction, bipolar disorder, and dementia among them—and the implications for our future are simply staggering. Horizon is proud to support Liberty Science Center’s and do our part to help engage and inspire the next generation of scientific explorers.

Click here to learn more about LSC Genius Gala 8 and information on how to purchase tickets.

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