Wild About Animals Celebration

This spring, Liberty Science Center is going a little wild! Join us for our Wild About Animals Celebration, March 27 through May 9!

Bring your family or group and experience the ultimate springtime adventure. Step inside the Butterfly House, where live butterflies flutter among some of their favorite flowering plants. Compare your strength, balance, and jumping skills with wild creatures in the Safari Challenge. Fly along the Pollinator Path to learn how hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies carry pollen between plants to help them produce flowers and fruit. Learn the steps to a Bee Dance that honey bees perform to show other bees how to find nearby flowers!

The fun only continues from there. Meet LSC’s resident creatures – including snakes, chinchillas, macaws, and so much more – in the Animal Zone. Watch LSC team members feed the fish in Our Hudson Home. Rock out at the daily Animal Dance Party, learn about conservation in our special Story Time, and experience an Animal Laser Show (available for an additional $8, or $5 for LSC members) in the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium.

Ready to get wild? Click here to get tickets in advance and visit soon!