Laboratory Workshops

Explore physics, biology, chemistry, life science, engineering, earth science, and more with our expert education staff in one of our fully equipped laboratories. Each course is tightly aligned with the NJSLS-S for the grade level you teach. Find more detailed information about this school year's offerings and curriculum alignment in LSC's new STEM Education Planning Guide.


Pre-K - Grade 2

Young Scientist Lab Workshops are aligned with NJSLS-S and Universal Design, principles for curriculum development that gives all students equal opportunities to learn.


Grades 3 - 5

Choose from 45-minute, half-day, or full-day laboratory workshops aligned with NJSLS-S and covering the science study areas required at each grade level.


Grades 6 - 8

Choose from 45-minute, half-day, or full-day workshops aligned with NJSLS-S. Reinforce concepts introduced in the classroom and spark lifelong interest in STEM fields.


High School

Choose a half-day or full-day lab workshop, aligned with NJSLS-S for high school students and designed to reinforce high-level skills and concepts.