Our STEM educators are ready to step into your classroom with in-depth explorations of the science topics and skills required in your curriculum. Your students will love it! To deliver any of these programs, we will travel within a 140-mile radius of Jersey City. For more information and reservations, call 201.253.1310 or email us at sales@lsc.org.

Grades Pre-K and K: 35 - 40 minutes
Grades 1 - 10: 45 minutes
Number of sessions: Up to 3 sessions per day
Group size: Maximum of 30 students (25 for Pre-K & K)

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Pumpkin Circle

(Pre-K to K)

Have you ever wondered what's inside a pumpkin? Have you ever wondered how a pumpkin seed grows into a pumpkin? After reading Pumpkin Circle, The Story of a Garden by George Levenson, children are encouraged to develop their senses and questioning skills as they explore real pumpkins, learn about seeds and appreciate the life cycle of all plants. (Offered September through November)
NJSLS:S: From Molecules to Organisms: Structures & Processes: K-LS1-1

The Skeleton Inside You

(Pre-K to K)

Why do we have bones? What are they made of? How is their structure related to their function? What happens when they break? Discover these answers and many more as we learn all about bones in the story The Skeleton Inside You by Philip Balestrino. After reading our story, craft your own ‘broken bone’ and mend it with a cast.
NJSLS:S: Engineering Design: K-2-ETS1-2

Flow Motion

(Grades K - 2)

Learn the basics of the water cycle in this highly interactive program! Through active listening, investigation, and kinesthetic role-play, students will understand the main processes of the water cycle, from the sun warming the earth to the various forms water can take. Follow the leader as we become water droplets to model the water cycle, and complete our journey.
NJSLS:S: Energy: K-PS3-1; Matter and Its Interactions: 2-PS1-4; Earth’s Systems: 2-ESS2-3

Creepy Crawlies

(Grades Pre-K - 1)

Giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches, tarantulas, and other wonderfully wiggly creatures visit your classroom in this hands-on workshop. Learn the important ecological roles these strange and wonderful animals play. Note: Snakes are not available in the winter.
NJSLS:S: From Molecules to Organisms: Structures & Processes: K-LS1-1; Earth and Human Activity: K-ESS3-1

The Power of Air

(Grades K - 4)

Experience first-hand how surprisingly strong air can be! Conduct air pressure experiments in this interactive, station-based workshop. Discover the underlying principles of what makes wind, how suction cups work, and why airplanes fly!
NJSLS:S: Motion & Stability: Forces & Interactions: K-PS2-1; 3-PS2-1

Electricity and Magnetism

(Grades 2 - 5)

It’s a hair-raising exploration! Using lots of hands on experiments and models, learn about the structure of atoms, positive and negative charges, and static electricity.
NJSLS:S: Motion & Stability: Forces & Interactions: 3-PS2-3; Matter and Its Interactions: 5-PS1-1

Owl Pellet Dissection

(Grades 2 - 5)

Explore the diet of our favorite raptors by dissecting the undigested remains of their prey. Pairs team up to dissect their own owl pellet and identify what the owl consumed. This workshop is a great investigation of animal adaptations and introduction to the food web.
NJSLS:S: Biological Evolution: Unity & Diversity: 3-LS4-3; From Molecules to Organisms: Structures & Processes: 4-LS1-1

The States of Matter

(Grades 2 - 6)

Using super-cold liquid nitrogen, common household items, and volunteers, we demonstrate how things change from solid to liquid to gas. Observe the demonstrations and provide explanations for the changes in this really cool exploration of matter.
NJSLS:S: Matter and Its Interactions: 2-PS1-1, 2-PS1-4, 5-PS1-1, MS-PS1-4

(NEW) Adaptations and Environments

(Grades 2 - 4)

Close examination of animals reveals how they have developed unique solutions to challenges in their environment in order to find food, protect themselves, and find a mate. Observe live animals, learn about their natural habitats, then identify specific evolved traits in the animals.

NJSLS:S: Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits: 3-LS3-2; From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes: 4-LS1-1

Balls and Tracks

(Grades 3 - 7)

What forces of science help ski jumpers become champions? Using marbles and ramps, this hands-on program introduces the fundamental principles of gravitational forces and projectile motion. Investigate the path that a launched projectile takes, discover the patterns of this motion, and use data to predict the distance of a final launch!

NJSLS:S: Motion & Stability: Forces & Interactions: 3-PS2-2, Energy: MS-PS2-2

Swell Cells

(Grades 5 - 8)

Explore the crosscutting concept of structure and function in the human body, from the cells up. Build a model cell and learn how cells with similar structures form tissues. These tissues then create organs, whose job is to create systems that make the body work.
NJSLS:S: From Molecules to Organisms: Structures & Processes: MS-LS1-1, MS-LS1-2, MS-LS1-3

Energy: Use It and Lose It

(Grades 6 - 9)

Energy comes in many forms! We use it and lose it, every day. Through hands-on stations, use models and complete experiments to track energy flow in a series of transformations that produce both useful actions and energy losses.
NJSLS:S: Energy: MS-PS3-5, HS-PS3-2

(NEW) BRAAAINS! You and the Zombie

(Grades 6 - 9)

Zombies are everywhere these days! Join the Zombie Response Team as research scientists to help the government determine how a mutated strain of the zombie virus is altering zombie behavior. By identifying and explaining differences in behavior and capabilities of zombies and humans, gain a better understanding of how the brain works.
NJSLS:S: From Molecules to Organisms: Structure and Processes MS-LS1-3

Chemistry of the Stars

(Grades 6 - 10)

How do astronomers determine the chemical composition of stars millions of light years away? Learn about atomic spectra, flame tests, and other scientific tools used to uncover the underlying structure and function of the elements that compose all matter. Collect, analyze, and interpret the patterns of spectra from fluorescing elements.
NJSLS:S: Matter and Its Interactions: MS-PS1-1; Earth’s Place in the Universe: HS-ESS1-3

Cow Eye Dissection

(Grades 6 - 10)

Follow light on its journey through the eye. Students will pair off to perform cow eye dissections and gain a deeper understanding of the structure and function of the human eye.
NJSLS:S: From Molecules to Organisms: Structures & Processes: MS-LS1-3, MS-LS1-8; Biological Evolution: Unity & Diversity: MS-LS4-2

The Right Stuff: The Science of Materials

(Grades 6 - 10)

Explore the exciting world of materials science by learning about the properties and structures of metals, ceramics, and polymers (plastics). See metal that “remembers” its shape and tin foil being made right before your eyes. Learn how the underlying structure of a material determines its function and suitability for a specific need.
NJSLS:S: Matter and Its Interactions; MS-PS1-1; MS-PS1-3; Motion and Stability: Forces & Interactions: HS-PS2-6