A bright, engaging space for young learners

I Explore is filled with adventures for kids under 6 to build their discovery, inquiry, and curiosity – the building blocks of lifelong learning!

Create a glowing picture with colorful pegs, rock out at the Rock Xylophone, send a squishy ball on a journey through transparent tubes, and more. Don't miss our most popular exhibition for our youngest visitors!

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Location: 2nd Floor

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We thank Schering-Plough Foundation for its generous support of I Explore.


  • Whoosh! Place a squishy ball or scarf in our amazing air maze, and watch it zip through a twisted pathway of transparent tubes. Can you catch it at the end of its journey?
  • Light it up! Our giant light wall is illuminated from behind. Put colorful pegs in the holes to create your own glowing pattern or picture.
  • Rock out on the Rock Xylophone made from five large hanging stone slabs. Use the rubber mallets to create intriguing sounds.
  • Launch the balls! At this two-story Ball Machine, use an air cannon to start your ball on a journey through a maze. As it drops, turn cranks along the way to change its path. All done? Try it again!

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