See how infectious diseases spread and learn what we can do about it

The Bubonic Plague wiped out a third of Europe’s population in less than a decade. The “Spanish Flu” Pandemic killed 40 million people in a single year. Could such disastrous diseases strike again? Yes, if we’re not vigilant. Controlling the spread of infectious diseases is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today.

See how the choices we make every day contribute to the spread of infectious diseases. Explore the connections between humans, microbes, and emerging diseases. Discover how science develops tools and technologies to prevent and treat infections. You can even conduct free microbiology and epidemiology experiments in our hands-on laboratory.

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Location: 3rd Floor

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We thank our generous partners for sponsoring Infection Connection: BD, LYSOL, The Pfizer Foundation


  • In a working laboratory, learn to identify microbes and protect yourself and your family from infection.
  • A stunning 3D photo-mosaic takes you into the microscopic realm of the microbes that impact global health. Photo opp!
  • Achoo! Watch out for the giant Blue Nose. Why? You’ll find out...
  • Hop onto the subway car and learn how our choices and actions can affect the spread of disease.

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