Discover the effort to bring back mammoths, led by Harvard geneticist George Church

Discover mind-blowing, groundbreaking science on the third floor! In LSC’s new Making Mammoths exhibit, explore the effort to bring back mammoths, led by Harvard geneticist George Church, a recipient of LSC’s Genius Award.

At the center of the exhibit is a woolly mammoth replica, six months in the making with each crafted hair individually positioned. Learn about the CRISPR gene-editing technology that Church is using in efforts to transform modern Asian elephants—which are going extinct—into cold-loving “mammophants,” an effort that, theoretically, could help reduce global warming.

Sound like science fiction? Come learn for yourself! Making Mammoths is included in general admission.

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Location: 3rd Floor, in Microbes Rule!

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  • Check out the exhibit's fun panels, created by cartoonist Larry Gonick, to better understand the science of making mammoths
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