These high-energy Tesla coils are permanently on display at LSC

See Liberty Science Center’s pair of one-million-volt Tesla coils, generously donated by magician and endurance artist David Blaine.

Blaine donated these Tesla coils in 2012 following a 73-hour endurance stunt, during which he stood atop a 22-foot high pillar at Pier 54 in New York City, surrounded by a system of seven Tesla coils. The coils directed an electric discharge of one million volts at him for the entire duration of the performance. The event was live streamed, engaging over 400 million users worldwide.

View the Tesla coils in person, and learn more about Nikola Tesla, a pioneer of electric power. He designed the lightning machine in 1891 to create ultra bright light and send electricity through the air without wires.

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Location: 2nd Floor, Governors Hall

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  • These high-energy Tesla coils are permanently on display and can be seen right outside of LSC’s Joseph D. Williams 3D Science Theater

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