Embark on a prehistoric adventure alongside SUE the T. rex!

Step into the world of SUE: The T. rex Experience!

This interactive, engaging, and hands-on exhibition features an exact replica of SUE’s skeleton measuring 40 feet long and 13 feet tall at the hip. The skeleton faces off against a full-scale replica of a Triceratops, one of T. rex’s natural enemies!

Explore the sights, sounds, and smells of SUE's prehistoric world in high-tech simulations, while a unique multimedia show transports you to the Cretaceous forest alongside SUE.

SUE is named after the paleontologist who discovered the Tyrannosaurus rex, Sue Hendrickson. She uncovered the dinosaur in 1990 during a commercial excavation trip north of Faith, South Dakota. Scientists are still learning new things about the T. rex, due in large part to SUE’s incredibly well-preserved bones.

This exhibition is available for an additional fee when you purchase general admission. Be sure to buy in advance and save on your tickets. Click here to get tickets now.

SUE: The T. rex Experience was organized by the Field Museum and is part of the Griffin Dinosaur Experience, made possible by the generous support of the Kenneth C. Griffin Charitable Fund.

Visitor info

Location: 4th Floor

Dates: May 22, 2021 – Jan. 9, 2022

Available as an add-on to your general admission ticket

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  • At sensory stations, you can smell prehistoric plants and even scientists’ best guess of how SUE’s breath might have smelled!
  • Feel the texture of dinosaur skin, and hear the low rumble of a T. rex
  • Experience a multimedia light show illuminating details of SUE’s skeleton, touchable bronze casts of some of SUE’s bones, and more

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