LSC Junior Days

On Thursdays and Fridays, Liberty Science Center celebrates kids ages 6 and under! Get tickets now for LSC Junior Days!

Preschool kids are natural scientists. They are keen observers, fearless investigators, eager experimenters—and it seems they never stop asking “Why?” To rev up these young minds and celebrate curiosity, we are turning Thursdays and Fridays at LSC into the ultimate visit for young learners: LSC Junior Days.

Just a few of the highlights include:

  • More shows for young astronomers in the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium
  • Programs featuring our cuddliest, cutest, and coolest creatures from the Wild About Animals exhibition
  • A Science Dance Party twice a day for kids to burn off some kinetic energy
  • Story Time, plus our featured exhibitions like Infinity Climber, Our Hudson Home, Skyscraper, Energy Quest, and more!

LSC Junior Days are every Thursday and Friday. Click here to get your tickets now!


Stay tuned for info on upcoming LSC Junior Day special events!


In addition to scheduled LSC Junior Day programs, we recommend the young learner experiences in our exhibition galleries, listed below. There’s fun on every floor!

1st Floor

  • Build a Skyscraper: Use wooden blocks to build or design skyscrapers over cityscapes. (Skyscraper!)

2nd Floor

  • Explore a Space Specifically for Young Learners: LSC's popular I Explore for kids 6 and under has recently reopened! Create a glowing picture with colorful pegs, rock out at the Rock Xylophone, send a squishy ball on a journey through transparent tubes, and more. Don't miss our most popular exhibition for our youngest visitors! (I Explore)
  • See Big Bird & Elmo: Explore the night sky with beloved characters from Sesame Street in our planetarium show for young kids, One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure. Please note, theater shows are available for an additional fee. (Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium)

3rd Floor

  • Graffiti Wall: Learn about shapes and colors when you make a drawing at the graffiti wall. (Communication)
  • Skeleton: Stand in front of the skeleton mirror and watch how it follows your every move. (Microbes Rule!)
  • Pick a Favorite Creature: Meet the residents of Wild About Animals! The tortoises are easy for young learners to spot in their low glass enclosure. Other favorites include the playful cotton-top tamarin monkeys, the bright poison-dart frogs, and the cuddly degus. (Wild About Animals)

4th Floor

  • Create a Masterpiece: At the Pixel Art wall, turn the illuminated dials and watch the colors change. Shorter scientists can easily reach the lower rows of dials. (Pixel Art)
  • Race Cars: Race cars using a turbine and motor that you power yourself. (Energy Quest)
  • Go Fish!: The largest tank is straight ahead as you enter Our Hudson Home, and these fish are BIG! Also, spot shellfish, sea urchins, and more in the toddler-eye-level Observation Tank. (Our Hudson Home)