Today at LSC

Learn about the different exhibitions, shows, presentations, and hands-on activities that you can experience on your visit to LSC.


LSC Artist-in-Residence Chico MacMurtrie

LSC has a new Artist-in-Residence! See work in progress from Chico MacMurtrie, a creative, innovative robotics expert

Planetarium, Films & Shows

Astronomers looking at the sky

The Search for Life in Space

Explore beyond our solar system in search of signs of life in this thrilling planetarium show

Wonders of the Night Sky

Explore the stars and beyond in LSC's all-live planetarium presentation

Black Holes

Journey into a supermassive black hole from the comfort of your planetarium seat

One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure

Join Sesame Street friends in an out-of-this-world planetarium show

Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation

Go where few would dare to explore in this thrilling 3D film!

Katy Perry Laser Show

Rock out to music from everyone's favorite "California Girl" in the LSC Giant Dome Theater

Superpower Dogs 3D

Meet some of the world's most remarkable dogs that change and save lives


Embark on an extraordinary journey beneath the waves

LSC Favorites

Touch Tunnel

Use your senses to navigate a pitch-black tunnel

Infinity Climber

Conquer a thrilling climbing gym with multiple paths to explore

Wild About Animals

Meet fascinating creatures that use their natural adaptations to survive in the wild

Dream Machine

Explore different emotions in this interactive, sensory adventure

Microbes Rule!

Explore the power of microbes via art and technology

SURE House

A model of sustainable, resilient, energy-efficient construction

Pixel Art

Make your mark on our colorful giant wall installation

Our Hudson Home

Learn about the vast river just outside our doors, and the creatures who live in it


Explore the planning, design, engineering, and technology of these amazing structures

Hoberman Sphere

Hundreds of scissor-like connectors expand and contract the globe all day

Explore More: A Pop-Up Exhibit

A pop-up space for young learners, ages 2-5

Wonder Why

Create, think, and observe!

Bees to Bots

Check out our honey bees—and the surprisingly high-tech world of bee science

Universe Revealed: Views from the Hubble Space Telescope

Marvel at spectacular images of the far reaches of the universe

Energy Quest

Explore the major sources of Earth’s energy

Nano Mini-Exhibition

Explore the science of extremely small things

More to See and Do

Live Science & Pop-Up Science

Science educators present live shows all over the building

Animal Encounter

Meet creatures from our collection and learn how they survive

Animals Out & About

Join our animals as they venture beyond their homes

Tamarin Feedings

Learn more about our cotton-top tamarin monkeys and watch them enjoy a meal!

Touch Tank

Handle real sea creatures

Be a Surgeon

Practice surgical skills in our lab

Blast Off!

Learn the basic principles of rocket science

Cow Eye Dissection

Learn about the structure of the human eye

Down to the Wire

Shed some light on the way we harness electric power

Heart and Soul

Transform your pulse into a musical beat

Subzero: The States of Matter

Temperature extremes change solids to liquids to gases

The Power of Air

A live demonstration of an invisible force

Your Puzzling Brain

Open up your mind. Literally.

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