16 reasons you can’t miss LSC After Dark: Pajama Party

LSC After Dark

Don’t snooze on Liberty Science Center’s next 21+ event! LSC After Dark: Pajama Party is Feb. 20 from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Click here for tickets.

You’re invited to the ultimate, adults-only slumber party adventure, featuring epic pillow fights, karaoke performances, bedtime snacks, delicious tastings and cocktails courtesy of Ketel One Botanicals, and so much more.

Don’t have your ticket yet? Let us convince you. Here are the 16 reasons you can’t miss LSC After Dark: Pajama Party!

1) Make a blanket fort

Graphic that says DTBBF: Down to Build Blanket Forts

When was the last time you had a slumber party and made a blanket fort? Dive back into your childhood and use blankets to create a structure in our Block Party exhibition!

2) Karaoke on the massive stage

You’ve never done karaoke like this before. All night, you can drop in at the Joseph D. Williams 3D Science Theater where you’ll belt your heart out on the massive stage in front of adoring fans!

3) Play a game of Pillow Fight Dodgeball

Did you know “Pillow Fight Dodgeball” is all the rage in Japan? Challenge your friends in our interpretation of the sport!

4) Have a drink at the Ketel One Botanicals Bar

Yum! This month, we’re joined by Ketel One Botanicals who will be serving up delicious cocktails, plus a specialty garnish cart to customize your drink.

As always, we will also serve beer, wine, and our signature smoking cocktails.

5) Visit the Ketel One Botanicals tasting lounge

But wait, there’s more! Enjoy a complimentary Ketel One Botanicals drink tasting included in your ticket.

6) Enjoy a bedtime snack with Midnight Market food vendors

Heart-shaped cookies

This month’s food vendors, courtesy of Midnight Market, are Tayby, #Baonanas, Hold My Knots, Roll Up NYC, Waffle Totz, El Lechon de Negron, and Tojo.

And even though Valentine’s Day may have passed already, we’re keeping the V-Day vibes going – many vendors are serving love-themed treats, like Tayby’s “Sweet Heart Cookies.”

7) Make your own dreamcatcher, face mask, and essential oils

Amplify your bedtime routine when you stop by our workshops where you’ll get to make your own dreamcatcher and face mask! At the “Scentsation Station,” you’ll also learn about aromatherapy and its relaxing benefits while making your own essential oils to take home.

8) Experience Lovers of the Cosmos planetarium show

Stop by our Valentine’s Day-themed planetarium show, Lovers of the Cosmos! This show explores the love stories of the sky, highlighting constellations such as Perseus & Andromeda, Orpheus & Eurydice, and Ursa Major & Ursa Minor.

LSC is a nonprofit organization, and when you make an additional $5 donation to support our programs for 91,000 students from at-risk communities, we’ll thank you with a ticket to this exhilarating show. (Please make your donation in person at the event.)

9) Experience Laser Dreams laser show

Turn your dreams into a music video when you experience our newest laser show, Laser Dreams! Rock out to songs with a dreamy twist, such as “Dreaming” by Blondie, “Dream On” by Aerosmith, “Last Nite” by The Strokes, and more.

Like the Lovers of the Cosmos show, Laser Dreams is available when you make an additional $5 donation to support our programs for 91,000 students from at-risk communities. (Please make your donation in person at the event.)

10) Take home free endangered species condoms at the Innovation Station

Head to our Innovation Station where you can visit our friends from the Center for Biological Diversity and take home free endangered species condoms.

Learn how human population growth and overconsumption contribute to environmental issues such as the species extinction crisis, habitat loss, and climate change.

11) Challenge: Can you do it in the dark?

LSC staff member stretches a condom

Speaking of condoms…stop by our Condom Lab, which is always one of LSC After Dark’s most popular February experiences! Join our staff member Dorothy, who has a background in sex education, for a game of “Can You Do It In the Dark?”

In this game, you’ll get blindfolded, seek out a phallic-shaped vegetable, and put a condom on the vegetable while racing against another player. Don’t miss it!

12) Unleash your “creature powers” in Wild Kratts: Creature Power!

Wild Kratts: Creature Power! graphic

Our newest exhibition is Wild Kratts: Creature Power! In this interactive adventure, you’ll learn all about wild animals and their “creature powers.”

The exhibition features animal experts Chris and Martin Kratt and a cast of heroes and villains familiar to fans. Using Wild Kratts technology and the powers of science and collaboration, guests will help the team solve problems and rescue animals from the villains.

13) Send birds soaring in Angry Birds Universe

Adults in Angry Birds Universe exhibition

For an additional $6, you can experience LSC’s premium exhibition, Angry Birds Universe!

Based on the popular games, the exhibition transports you into the world of Angry Birds for interactive adventures, both physically challenging and mentally stimulating. Use real slingshots to aim birds through the air, build and race vehicles in a live version of Angry Birds Go!, draw your own bird and animate it in the design studio, and more!

14) Come in pajamas – you could win a prize!

At LSC After Dark: Pajama Party, you can come dressed in regular clothes, or come dressed in your PJ’s! We’ll be on the lookout for our favorite pajamas – the best ones could win a prize!

15) Try the Sleepwalking Maze

Experience our “Sleepwalking Maze,” where you’ll be blindfolded while wearing a special, vibrating vest. Whenever you’re coming close to a wall or an object, the vest will vibrate! Can you make it through the maze?

16) Rock out on the dance floor!

Crowded dance floor at LSC After Dark

Grab your friends and rock out on the dance floor all night! This month, we’re joined by DJs NKNX and Délé.

We can’t wait! Click here to get tickets now for LSC After Dark: Pajama Party, Feb. 20, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

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