500 Union Beach students visit LSC

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When LSC opened nine days after Hurricane Sandy, we reached out to the hundreds of teachers we work with to let them know we were thinking of them. We heard back from an exceptional educator, Jeannette DiChiara of Union Beach Memorial School, who told us about the devastation her school was dealing with in the storm’s aftermath.

At the Science Center, we began to brainstorm ways that our nonprofit organization could lend support to these students. We kicked off our partnership with some morale boosting Pocket Scientist visits to the school’s temporary locations and the kids enjoyed fun, magic trick-like experiments. A few weeks later, LSC’s Science Educators returned to provide more in-depth Traveling Science Programs.

Today, we’re thrilled that nearly 500 Union Beach Memorial School students joined us here at the Center for a free field trip thanks to ExxonMobil’s generous support of the Adopt-A-Class program and transportation sponsor, FGS. The kids enjoyed exploring our exhibitions, taking part in our interactive Center Stage Science program, and a film in the IMAX Dome Theater.

Working with the Union Beach Memorial School team has been an inspirational experience. Though we wish it were prompted by better circumstances, we’re so happy to have had the chance to meet this remarkable community.

Many of today's guests encountered the giant Hoberman Sphere for the first time.

LSC President & CEO Paul Hoffman welcomed the students to the Science Center.

Senator Joe Kyrillos addressed before the Center Stage Science show.

The students enjoyed an interactive Center Stage Science presentation about weather in the Joseph D. Williams Science Theater.

Grades 1 – 7 explored hundreds of hands-on exhibits throughout the Center, including two traveling exhibitions Curious George: Let’s Get Curious & AVATAR: The Exhibition.

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