57th annual Hudson County Science Fair comes to Liberty Science Center

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Hundreds of students from all over Hudson County gathered at Liberty Science Center today for the 57th annual Hudson County Science Fair.

Here’s another look at that Project Mimic. The “power glove” is a DIY dream.

These Art-Bots got extra points in our book for being adorable. And before you rag on them for not looking “scientific,” keep in mind even Google designed their self-driving car to have a face.

In the seventh grade section you can meet the Art-Bots #libertysciencecenter #jerseycity #hoboken #newark #nyc #bayonne #libertystatepark

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There were many wonderful projects covering a wide range of scientific disciplines.

And one of our personal favorites used tie-dye:

Congrats to all the contestants on their excellent presentations. We can’t wait to find out the winners!

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