An egg-cellent day at Liberty Science Center

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Yesterday was an egg-traordinary day at the Science Center (sorry for the pun).

As part of our Engineering Everywhere event (a celebration of National Engineers Week), we handed out nearly 300 eggs to guests...not for eating, but for dropping!

In addition to their egg, guests received a kit containing paper, cotton balls, dixie cups, scotch tape, yarn, rubber bands, and food wrap. They were then challenged to use these items to make a contraption that would safely protect an egg during the 20-foot drop from our third floor to second floor.

Dropping the egg

View from above

There were a lot of messes, for sure, but lots of safe landings too! According to our team, the success rate was 50-50.


Since the designing and building was left entirely up to guests, there were about 294 unique contraptions made yesterday. Congratulations to our brilliant and creative visitors!

One of the inventions

Join us this week for Engineering Everywhere! Click here to get the details on our weeklong event.

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