Scarecrow hay maze at Fall Fest

Behind-the-scenes of Fall Fest

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The LSC team has been hard at work setting up for Fall Fest!

Fall Fest, which debuts at LSC on Sept. 28, brings everything you love about autumn – the mazes, the pumpkins, the apple cider – right here to Jersey City. It’s North Jersey’s ultimate autumn adventure!

A few of our Fall Fest highlights include the Spider Maze, a 4,000-sq-ft webby labyrinth that’s unlike any maze you’ve experienced before; the 8-foot-tall haystack, which is the perfect climbing challenge for big kids; the scarecrow hay maze, which little kids in your group will love; the weekend petting zoo, featuring lots of furry friends; the indoor pumpkin patch, where you’ll get to choose and paint your own pumpkin; and seasonal treats, like apple cider and pumpkin spice.

We can’t wait for the fun to begin! Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos our photographer recently grabbed:

Scarecrow hay maze
Scarecrow hay maze

The Spider Maze

Giant crab spider
The giant crab spider, one of the eight-legged friends featured in The Spider Maze

Eyes of the giant crab spider
Hello there!

Scarecrow hay maze
Nice to meet you, scarecrow!

We still have more work to do before Fall Fest kicks off Sept. 28! Be sure to follow us here on the LSC blog – as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – for all the fun updates!

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