Beyond Rubik's Cube - Day 16 - Chuck Hoberman Sculpture

LSC News Beyond Rubik's Cube

We’re 16 days away from the opening of Beyond Rubik’s Cube! As part of the countdown, we’ll reveal a new behind-the-scenes look at the exhibition every day!

People love the Hoberman Sphere. It has welcomed guests entering the Science Center ever since we first opened way back in 1993.

For Beyond Rubik’s Cube, Mr. Hoberman designed a sculpture that will explore the way shapes transform in size, shape, and place. But don’t take it from us, here’s Chuck:

“As an artist, my interest is to create pieces that transform their size and shape. I try to instill an organic quality, similar to transformative processes in nature. I utilize techniques that can take mathematical surfaces and convert them into buildable, transformable objects.”

Given all that the Hoberman Sphere means to us and our guests, it’s fitting that Mr. Hoberman is also involved in our biggest project since the 2007 renovation. We can’t wait to see his sculpture in action.

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