Campers will explore stars, black holes, and nebulae at LSC Science Camp

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Did you know there are approximately 200 billion stars in our galaxy? Or that some stars are so big that if we put them where the Sun is, the surface would extend out to Jupiter’s orbit?

These are just a few out-of-this-world topics we’re covering this summer in our “Astronomy Exploration” course at LSC Science Camp.

In the course, which will be held in LSC’s Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium – the biggest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere – campers will explore nebulae and black holes, view moons and planets in vivid detail, build telescopes, make lunar observations, and more.

This particular course is open to students entering grades 4 and 5.

Don’t miss this unique experience to spend the summer exploring space in our massive planetarium! Click here to register and learn more about LSC Science Camp.

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