Boy doing Safari Challenge

Compare your strength, balance, and jumping to wild animals at the Safari Challenge

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Can you jump as high as an jerboa rodent? Or balance on one leg for four hours like a flamingo?

At LSC’s new Safari Challenge, you’ll compare your strength, balance, and jumping skills to wild creatures! This activity is here as part of our Wild About Animals springtime celebration, running through May 9.

Challenges include jumping vertically and horizontally and seeing which animals you can beat. Can you jump 1 foot (like a flea?) Or 5 feet (like a red-necked wallaby?) Or 8 feet (like a markhor?).

Girl doing Safari Challenge

Another challenge includes testing your balance. Learn all the amazing balancing acts that animals perform, like cheetahs (who use their tail for balance while running at high speeds) or frilled lizards (who balance on two legs when running).

The Safari Challenge is included in general admission.

Don’t miss the fun! Click here to get tickets now.

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