A fourth grader was so inspired by 'Microbes Rule!' that he won a prize for his own agar art

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9-year-old Will Post was so inspired by the agar art from LSC’s "Microbes Rule!" exhibition that he made some himself…and won a prize for it!

The fourth grader from Hillside Elementary School in Montclair just won second place in the American Society for Microbiology’s art contest.

He made this art using bacteria that he collected from home – from his hand, his desk, his tongue, and some yeast – and let it grow in a dark space for 24 hours. The result? An award-winning art piece (titled "A Sunny Day at the Beach") just like the ones in our “Microbes Rule!” gallery.

"A Sunny Day at the Beach"

Congratulations, Will! We love hearing stories from guests who are inspired to do great things from their visit to LSC!

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