Girl shows off bricks held up by paper

Guests compete in the Brick-Lifting Challenge during Engineering Everywhere

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This entire week is Engineering Everywhere at Liberty Science Center, a celebration of engineers and all the ways that engineering impacts our lives.

Throughout Engineering Everywhere, the entire building is filled with different engineering-based adventures! One of them is the Brick-Lifting Challenge, an activity designed to explore shapes, tension, and basic physics. Using only a plain piece of printer paper, guests are challenged to design a structure that can lift a real brick one inch off the ground.

Believe us, it can be done!

Bricks held up by paper

Over the weekend, we snapped some photos as family members welcomed a little friendly competition, challenging their siblings, friends, and parents to see who could be the first to come out victorious. (There was even some fierce competition between parents and grandparents!).

Some families, however, worked together to design a structure.

Family shows off bricks held up by paper

Many bricks fell along the way, but just like professional engineers, our guests kept trying until they found solutions. We were so proud of our guests who came up with unique ways to solve the challenge!

Girl shows off bricks held up by paper
Boy shows off bricks held up by paper

By folding paper, our engineers discovered that they could make stronger building materials. They also explored different shapes, and found that triangles and circles are the strongest shapes for building.

Some of our engineers even stacked not one, not two, not three, but four bricks on top of their paper structures!

Bricks held up by paper

Do you think you could do the same? There’s only one way to find out – join us for Engineering Everywhere, every day at LSC through Feb. 23! Click here to learn more and get tickets now.

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