Guests in Halloween costumes

Guests enjoy trick or treating and spooky fun at LSC’s Ultimate Halloween Party

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Boo! Friday, Oct. 25 was one of the spookiest and most magical nights at Liberty Science Center as we stayed open late and held The Ultimate Halloween Party!

Ultimate Halloween Party banner

This Halloween bash is held annually for LSC members, and it’s always one of their favorite events of the year. This time around, we opened our doors to ALL guests to have a taste of the LSC member experience!

Here are a few of our favorite highlights from the event:

Trick or treating throughout the building

Kid receives candy at a trick or treat station

Candy, candy, candy! There were multiple trick or treat stations throughout the building, and we had plenty of sweet treats to hand out to all guests!

Exploring the Spider Maze

Kid exploring the Spider Maze

Guests enjoyed navigating the most unique maze of the fall season: the Spider Maze, a 4,000-sq-ft webby labyrinth home to eight massive (not real) spiders. This very-not-scary experience was the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and learn about the amazing work that spiders do!

Picking and painting pumpkins

Guests painting pumpkins

With 8,000 pumpkins, Liberty Science Center is home to the world's largest indoor pumpkin patch! At The Ultimate Halloween Party, guests enjoyed picking their own pumpkin and then painting a fun design.

Getting scared in the Doom Zoo!

Scary monster in the Doom Zoo

Thrill seekers loved the return of our Doom Zoo! Our bravest guests were invited to step inside and confront the horrific half-human, half-animal creations of a mad scientist. Not everyone was able to make it to the end!

Tasting bugs at the Bug Buffet

Guests eating bugs at the Bug Buffet

Did you know more than two billion people across the world eat bugs on a regular basis? Eating bugs is also a great sustainable solution – insects are likely to produce fewer environmentally harmful greenhouse gases than other livestock!

At our Bug Buffet, guests enjoyed munching on tasty insects and learning about “entomophagy,” which is the practice of eating bugs.

Meeting Buddy the T.rex

Kid with Buddy the T.rex

Buddy the T.rex from our Dinosaur Train exhibition stopped by for a meet and greet with guests! Thanks for stopping by, Buddy!

Fighting zombies in virtual reality

Guest trying the Zombie VR experience

Zombies have taken over Liberty Science Center in our new virtual reality game. Guests were given VR goggles and tasked with saving the Science Center in this thrilling Halloween adventure.

Turning into ghosts at the Pepper’s Ghost Illusion Chamber

Ghostly illusion at the Pepper's Ghost Illusion Chamber

All night, guests had a blast turning into ghosts at the Pepper’s Ghost Illusion Chamber! This activity was inspired by the famous Pepper’s ghost technique, which is often used in haunted houses to create the illusion of ghosts disappearing and reappearing. It’s all a trick of reflection and light intensity!

Learning about LSC's creepiest residents

Guests touching snake skin

At our “Eekology” presentation, guests were invited to learn about LSC’s creepy crawly residents, like the red-tailed boa constrictor and rose hair tarantula. In this presentation, guests discovered what makes these creatures so important to our world – and why they’re really not so creepy after all. Participants even got to touch real snake skin!

Becoming mummy experts

Mummy artifact

At our new “Are You My Mummy?” activity, guests went through the scientific process of artifact recognition and study by determining whether a mummy on display was real or not.

Trying on bat wings

Guests trying on bat wings

The perfect Halloween accessory? Bat wings! At one of our fun photo opportunities, guests donned bat wings and learned about these fantastic nocturnal animals.

Getting fortunes read

Guests getting their fortunes read

Have you ever wondered what your future will hold? Guests got their fortunes read by Flora the Fortune Teller, who answered all their questions about the future!

So many amazing costumes!

One of the best parts of The Ultimate Halloween Party is that everyone comes out decked in their Halloween costumes! Here are some of our favorites:

Guests in Spider-Man costumes Kids in Wonder Woman costumes
Kid in astronaut costume
Guests in pirate costumes
Guests in Where's Waldo costumes
Guests in Maleficent costumes Guests in Toy Story costumes

Thanks to everyone who came out for The Ultimate Halloween Party! If you missed it, don't worry – we have another amazing event right around the corner. Liberty Science Center's NEW event series, Extreme LSC, is happening every fourth Friday! On these nights, kids can experience LSC's coolest experiences: laser tag, slime, a massive ball pit, stargazing, and more. Click here to get tickets for Nov. 22!

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