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Liberty Science Center debuts new streaming service, LSC+

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Since everyone else is doing it, Liberty Science Center has decided to debut a new streaming service: LSC+! Available this April 1, you can stream all of our original series for $8.99 per month.

From hilarious comedies to gritty dramas to bingeworthy reality TV, LSC+ has content for you. Learn more about our four new shows below:

Poster for The Queen Bee's Gambit

The Queen Bee’s Gambit

Honeybees are hard workers – and even better chess players! In our new show, watch as the world’s top chess players compete against a queen bee. If they win, they get a jar of honey. And if they lose...they get stung!

Poster for Rat-ched


In our thrilling new show, a naked mole rat gets hired as a nurse at a local hospital! And guess what? Naked mole rats make excellent nurses! They are extremely healthy animals, and scientists are even studying them to find a cure for cancer, aging, and other diseases.

Banner for Stranger Things Goes to Liberty Science Center

Stranger Things Goes to Liberty Science Center

We are excited to announce that Stranger Things has switched networks and is now available to stream on LSC+! In the new season, join Mike, Eleven, and all your favorite characters as they take a field trip to Liberty Science Center. Will gets stuck in the Touch Tunnel. Joyce learns about magnets. Steve gets hired at the gift shop. Erica buys Astronaut Ice Cream!

Poster for The Great British Bug-Off

The Great British Bug-Off

Bon appetit! Join a team of cockroaches, leaf-cutter ants, and tarantulas as they bake pies, cakes, and more sweet treats in the ultimate baking competition. Which bugs will bake the most spectacular showstoppers—and which will be asked to “bug off” from the tent?!

Watch all the full seasons now on LSC+! Oh, and happy April Fool’s Day!

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