Liberty Science Center's leaf-cutter ants featured on 'Cake Boss'

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Usually there’s a problem if you have a cake with ants on it, but not this time.

Last night Liberty Science Center made an appearance on TLC’s “Cake Boss.” In celebration of our new leaf-cutter ants, beloved Hoboken baker Buddy Valastro of Carlo’s Bake Shop and his team made a giant cake modeled on our little insects.

Before making the cake, Buddy took a visit to LSC and met with our CEO Paul Hoffman and Melissa Chin of our animal husbandry team.

Paul and Melissa taught him all about leaf-cutter ants – like how they’re the only animals, other than humans, that farm! They take leaves and grow fungus on them, which they then eat. The ants can carry 20 times their own body weight, which would be the equivalent of humans carrying cars.

Buddy debuted the cake at a party at LSC, which was featured on the episode. And as he made sure to point out, “It actually tastes like cake. Not like ants.”

The Cake Boss is a big fan of LSC, and the feelings are mutual! If you missed the episode, “Bugging Out and Big Cheers,” you can download it on iTunes. And don’t forget to see the guests of honor here at Liberty Science Center – on the third floor, in our Eat and Be Eaten exhibit.

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