LSC explores global issues at Staten Island Zoo’s Conservation Celebration

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Earlier this month, a few members from the LSC team attended the Staten Island Zoo’s Conservation Celebration!

Throughout this weekend, LSC gathered alongside fellow conservation organizations to explore the many ways we can continue aiding the health and longevity of our planet. Guests joined us for multiple activities and educational demonstrations, all while learning about pressing global topics such as climate change and wildlife preservation.

LSC’s activities included the Glacier Gak Lab, where guests create a polymer slime that mimics the behavior of a glacier. (Fun fact: Did you know our beloved Hudson River Valley was formed by a glacier?). We encouraged the importance of studying glaciers, as they are rapidly affected by climate change – and our budding scientists even took their gak home!

Guests also learned how to use dichotomous keys to identify an assortment of shells. Using this tool can be applicable when identifying many things in the natural world such as trees, wildflowers, mammals, reptiles, rocks, and fish.

Using dichotomous keys to identify types of shells

A huge thank you to the Staten Island Zoo for having us – it was a blast!

"Bintu," an African crested porcupine who resides at the Staten Island Zoo!

Interested in learning more about conservation issues and ways you can help? On your next visit to LSC, stop by our Eat and Be Eaten exhibition – home to 100+ animal species, many of which are endangered – and Our Hudson Home exhibition, all about conservation of the Hudson River.

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