LSC President and CEO Paul Hoffman

LSC President and CEO Paul Hoffman named one of ROI-NJ’s top tech influencers of 2021

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Today ROI-NJ released their list of top 10 technology influencers of 2021, and LSC President and CEO Paul Hoffman was on the list!

“LSC already is arguably the best science center in the country, one that introduces STEM to more students — and more students from underserved communities — than any other," ROI-NJ writes. "But that’s just the start. SciTech Scity, where 400 high school students and 200 startup companies will join scientists and create a community for learning and innovation, will soon be under construction. It will be a mini-city envied around the world.”

Thanks for featuring us, ROI-NJ! Click here to view the full list.

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