LSC records its first live podcast during Women in Science & Art

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Saturday, March 9 was an exciting day in LSC history...we recorded our first live podcast!

On this day – the kickoff of our Women in Science & Art celebration – we were joined by comedian and brain injury survivor Mimi Hayes who recorded a live episode of her podcast “Mimi and the Brain,” which covers topics related to the human mind.

For this episode, Hayes was joined by neurologist Dr. Allison Navis, also known as the “Sherlock Holmes of neurology.” Guests filled the Interactive Theater to experience their conversation live, which was also broadcast in Governors Hall.

Hayes’ and Navis’ conversation covered a wide range of topics, including Navis’ work treating neurological disorders in Zambia, making connections with patients, and the importance of getting young girls excited about science.

The audience members asked Navis many great questions, such as her hardest day on the job, the difficulty of language barriers when treating someone who speaks a different language, and even the effects of ice cream on the brain!

After the podcast completed, Hayes and Navis stopped to chat about the importance of sharing their stories during LSC’s Women in Science & Art event.

“We definitely need more women in science,” Navis said. “I’ve been very lucky to be in a field where I have a lot of women mentors and people to look up to, but that’s absolutely not always the case in so many other fields.”

Hayes agreed, adding: “As a woman in comedy, it can be tough to feel like you are being heard because you’re in a sea of people that sometimes don’t want to listen to what you have to say or say you shouldn’t be speaking at all. So I think it’s important for women to support other women and for us to continue to do the work that we’re doing.”

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