LSC’s food menu this weekend is inspired by the real Apollo 11 menu

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Have you ever wondered what astronauts eat? You can find out (and actually eat like one!) this weekend during our Moon Mania event, July 20 and 21, a 50th anniversary celebration of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

Our talented chef Jeremy Sadel had fun preparing these meals, which includes foods that were served on the actual Apollo 11 mission in 1969.

During your visit this weekend, stop by the cafe where we’ll have stations set up with meals based on the favorite foods of each astronaut, including Neil Armstrong’s favorite: spaghetti with meat sauce.

Be sure to also look out for foods like sugar cookie cubes, hot dogs, and chocolate pudding!

The Apollo 11 astronauts chose what they wanted to eat on the mission. Their main restriction was crumbly foods, because loose crumbs would get inside equipment. The crumbly foods the astronauts did bring were covered in gelatin.

We won’t be serving any food covered in gelatin, but we will have coffee – something neither we nor the astronauts could do without!

Don’t miss out on Moon Mania: The 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 at Liberty Science Center! All weekend, the building will be filled with special activities and themed shows in celebration of this historic space moment. Click here to get tickets for July 20 or 21.

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