Giant crab spider

LSC's giant maze is home to 8 massive spiders

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You're not scared of a 6-foot-tall spider, right? Well, if you are, you won't be after you take a stroll through our Spider Maze!

One of LSC's most popular fall attractions, the Spider Maze returns for the season on Sept. 28 as part of our Fall Fest celebration. It's the most unique maze you'll find all autumn!

The Spider Maze is not scary. As you find your way out of this massive, webby maze, you'll encounter several different spiders – none of which are real, and none of which jump out at you – who will help you learn more about our eight-legged friends.

Here are a few fast facts about this maze of epic proportions:

  • It's huge! This year, the maze is 4,000 sq ft.
  • The maze was made with over 9,000 ft. of rope.
  • There are eight spiders in the maze, a number we chose because of (you guessed it!) how many legs they have.
  • At 6 ft. tall, the giant crab spider is our biggest spider in the maze.

We can't wait for you to crawl your way through this maze! Experience the Spider Maze every day during LSC's Fall Fest celebration. Click here for more info.

Eyes of the giant crab spider Kids in the Spider Maze Guests in the Spider Maze

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