African Pygmy Hedgehog

LSC’s new animal is the smallest hedgehog species in the world

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There are a lot of different animals you can see at LSC. Some are in our Eat and Be Eaten exhibition on the third floor, some are in Our Hudson Home, and some come out for programs to meet guests!

One of our newest animals recently introduced to meet guests during programs is Henrietta, the African Pygmy Hedgehog. She is named after Henrietta Lacks, whose cells have been important in medical research.

African Pygmy Hedgehog

African Pygmy Hedgehogs are the smallest hedgehog species in the world. They average between 7-9 inches long, and when curled up are about the size of a grapefruit. Hedgehogs are primarily insectivores, feeding on insects like termites and beetles, but will also eat different small vertebrates and plant material. Some have even been seen eating venomous snakes!

Currently, Henrietta may come out only for short periods of time as she is still acclimating, or getting used to the hustle and bustle of LSC. Acclimation is important to make sure our animals are comfortable and ready to meet the guests of LSC.

Come meet Henrietta on your next visit to the Science Center! She can be found on the third floor in Eat and Be Eaten during our “Animal Encounter” program.

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