LSC’s new snake is small now, but it can grow up to 2 feet long!

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There are a lot of different animals you can see at LSC. Some are in our Eat and Be Eaten exhibition on the third floor, some are in Our Hudson Home, and some come out for programs to meet guests!

One of our newest animals recently introduced to meet guests is the Kenyan sand boa.

Sand boa snake

These snakes come from semi-arid desert regions in East Africa. They spend most of their time buried in the sand, often leaving just their faces out to breathe and smell (using their tongue). Although they are small now, these boas can get up to 2 feet long!

Currently, the Kenyan sand boa may come out only for short periods of time as it is still acclimating, or getting used to the hustle and bustle of LSC. Acclimation is important to make sure our animals are comfortable and ready to meet the guests of LSC.

Come meet the Kenyan sand boa on your next visit to the Science Center!

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