LSC’s Space Talk presentation explores star formation over cosmic time

LSC After Dark

On July 7, 2022 at LSC After Dark, Liberty Science Center held its second Space Talk presentation!

That night, we welcomed Dr. Mordecai-Mark Mac Low to the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium for the presentation “Star Formation Over Cosmic Time.” Dr. Mac Low is professor of astronomy at Columbia University and Curator-in-Charge in the Department of Astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural History.

Using the immersive environment of the planetarium, guests traveled through space and time to explore how stars and planets formed in the very early universe over 13 billion years ago.

Guests also learned how scientists look toward where stars are born today – like the Orion Nebula – to understand that same process as it took place so long ago.

Join us Aug. 4 for our next Space Talk: “Will We Find Another Earth?”, led by Dr. Emily Rickman, a European Space Agency Fellow at the Space Telescope Science Institute. Click here to learn more and reserve your spot now.

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