LSC’s STEM programs reach everywhere from Cape May to the Czech Republic!

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Liberty Science Center isn't just reaching students in Jersey City, NJ – we're reaching students all over the world!

Via distance learning technology, we’ve brought our award-winning STEM education programs to countries like South Africa and the Czech Republic, as well as faraway states like California and Alaska.

In our Electronic Field Trips, students and teachers connect with LSC educators through videoconferencing programs such as FieldTrip Zoom and Google Hangouts, in topics that range from renewable energy to forensic science to 3D design and beyond.

These programs are relevant no matter where you are. For example, our course in renewable energy had a great impact on a class of eighth graders in Nunavut, Canada. The students were excited to tell our Jersey City-based educators about the new solar panels going up near their school!

Running these virtual programs is no small achievement. Our educators were once tasked with teaching a course in Hangzhou, China, which is in a time zone 12 hours ahead of ours. To get the job done, our dedicated staff stayed late into the evening at LSC to teach the morning lesson in China. They even worked to make sure the program was properly translated into Mandarin!

And their efforts really paid off. That 3.5-hour lesson helped more than 200 students understand why nuclear power isn’t considered clean energy. By the lesson’s end, the students were enthusiastically discussing the importance of taking care of the Earth!

In addition to our Electronic Field Trips, our educators can travel in person to any school located within a 140-mile radius of Jersey City. We’ve been to schools in all five NYC boroughs and have traveled as far as Hebron, CT and Cape May, NJ.

These interactive classroom workshops, assemblies, and after school programs include a wide range of experiences, from cow eye dissections to live animal encounters to robot design and more.

Our educators travel far and wide to visit more than a hundred schools a year. During the school year, we have staff members teaching outside of New Jersey at least once a week! It's always worth it, because our educators love to witness moments of discovery and inspiration from students in all types of areas.

Teachers give our courses rave reviews, and all of LSC’s programs meet the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for science. So whether your school’s in South Dakota or South Africa, you’ll always get an amazing learning experience with LSC!

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