Meet LSC's Animals: Frilled Lizard & Bearded Dragon

LSC in the House

Liberty Science Center is home to 100+ fascinating animal species, and that includes two amazing lizards: the Frilled Lizard and Bearded Dragon! Both of these species come from Australia and have special adaptations with their necks.

The Frilled Lizard is named for the frill of skin around its neck that it will spread when threatened. This frill may be up to a foot in length (with males exhibiting larger frills than females). If the intimidation doesn't work, a Frilled Lizard is able to run away from danger on two legs for short distances. They are arboreal, spending as much as 90 percent of their time in the trees.

The Bearded Dragon gets its name because of its “beard,” an expandable throat pouch with spiky scales. This beard is used for mating and aggressive displays. Both sexes have beards, but males display theirs more frequently, especially for courtship rituals. Females also display beards as a sign of aggression. Bearded Dragons are omnivores, so our Animal Husbandry staff will feed them fruits and greens in addition to the insects seen in the above video.

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