Meet the new baby degus!

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Welcome home!

Four young degus (two males and two females) are the newest residents here at LSC. They are about 8 – 10 weeks old and filled with energy. You can see them exercising on their wheel or scurrying through their tunnel on your next visit.

These tiny rodents are highly sociable, working together to construct elaborate burrows. They will forage together, bettering their ability to detect and avoid predators.

Communication is highly developed in degus. They speak to each other via a complex vocal range, comprised of up to 15 unique sounds. In the event of danger, degus vocalize an alarm call that sends their whole group scurrying for the safety of underground burrows.

Degus are also widely used in research, especially in the study of diabetes due to their intolerance of high sugar diets. Elderly degus are also being used to study Alzheimer’s disease, since they are affected in similar ways to humans.

The degus can’t wait to meet you! You can find them on the third floor in our Eat and Be Eaten exhibition.

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