‘MythBusters: The Search’ to broadcast live finale episode from Liberty Science Center

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Big news, MythBusters fans. This weekend, the next generation of MythBusters will be revealed live from Liberty Science Center in our new MythBusters exhibit!

On Saturday, February 25 at 9 pm, Science Channel will be here to broadcast the season finale of MythBusters: The Search. In this nail-biting reality series hosted by Nerdist science editor Kyle Hill, ten brilliant and savvy contestants competed in myth-busting competitions, all with the goal of being chosen for the brand new MythBusters show.

Only four contestants remain, and in this finale episode, they’ll compete in their final myth-busting challenge – the “Water Heater Jail Break” – to see if a water heater can be used as a rocket to escape from prison.

The final four contestants are:

· Martin Pepper of Tucson, Arizona, a tinkerer and inventor with degrees in geology, ecology and psychology.

· Brian Louden of Spring, Texas, a certified rescue diver, pilot, and drone enthusiast with impressive build skills.

· Jonathan Lung of Staten Island, NY, a product designer, who always finds a way to build with his hands, whether it is designing and building furniture, or generating concepts and prototypes.

· Tamara Robertson of Los Angeles, an engineer, who grew up in Eastern, North Carolina and developed a love of machinery and all things technical from her father

Throughout the show, they’ve all earned the right to be called MythBusters, displaying build skills, science smarts, and remarkable nerves. Unfortunately, they won’t all walk away as winners. Tune in Saturday at 9 pm on Science Channel to see who gets the top prize!

Liberty Science Center is the new home of MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition, an amazing hands-on exhibition where you can put myths to the test just like they’ve done on the show for years. The exhibition includes live demonstrations, visitor participation, and spectacular sets and experiences from the show.

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