‘MythBusters: The Search’ winners announced live on TV from LSC

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A new generation of MythBusters was born last night in Liberty Science Center’s MythBusters exhibit!

On Saturday, February 26, Brian Louden, a rescue diver from Spring, Texas, and Jonathan Lung, a product designer from Staten Island, NY, were announced as the newest members of the MythBusters team. For weeks, they had been competing on Science Channel’s nail-biting reality series, MythBusters: The Search, to see who would be chosen for the brand new MythBusters show.

The big announcement was broadcasted live from LSC’s MythBusters exhibit. All night, the gallery was packed as fans eagerly awaited to find out which of the final four contestants had won.

Brian and Jonathan made up the final four along with Tamara Robertson, an engineer from Los Angeles, CA and Martin Pepper, an inventor from Tucson, Arizona.

Although their intelligence and resourcefulness earned them all the right to be called “MythBusters,” Brian and Jonathan were ultimately chosen for outstanding teamwork, build skills, enthusiasm, and overall ability to capture the spirit of the show.

During the celebration, Jonathan offered some words of wisdom for kids who want to grow up to be a MythBuster someday.

“You learn a lot more from making mistakes than from doing things perfectly the first time,” Jonathan said. “Also, you should always try to teach someone something, because then you’re distributing knowledge and also reviewing it for yourself. Win/win.”

Brian spoke about why he thinks it’s so important for children to pursue careers in STEM fields.

“When you understand science, technology, engineering, and math, then that means you understand how the world works,” Brian said. “And to me, you have to understand the world to live in it and do any good in it and really help people.”

“Being smart lets you see the world in the most beautiful way,” he added.

Fun fact: There was a non-human winner last night, too. Brian’s dog, Bo Dingo, was also crowned as a new MythBuster, and is now the first canine to hold this impressive title.

Congratulations again to the winners! We can’t wait to see what new myths you’re going to bust.

To see more photos from the live broadcast, head over to our Facebook album.

Brian, Jonathan and Bo Dingo may have been the big winners last night, but you and your family can all become MythBusters by visiting Liberty Science Center’s new MythBusters exhibition. Use scientific observations and your own curiosity to search for the truth behind some commonly held beliefs, just like they’ve done on the show for years. Learn more here.

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