NASA’s ‘Astrobee’ robots will help astronauts with performing chores

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You probably know about our bees here at Liberty Science Center, but do you know about “Astrobees” on the International Space Station?

NASA recently shared a photo of astronaut Anne McClain performing the first series of tests on an Astrobee robot named Bumble. These new robots are designed to help astronauts reduce time they spend on routine duties, by performing tasks such taking inventory, documenting experiments, or moving cargo.

Photo via NASA

The Astrobee system consists of three cubed-shape robots, named Honey, Queen, and Bumble. No need to worry about who will take care of them! When needed, the robots will be able to return to their docking station on their own and recharge their battery power.

According to NASA, robots will play a significant part in the agency’s mission to return to the Moon. Best of luck to Honey, Queen, and Bumble – you have an important role to play!

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