New public program goes medieval, lets kids build a catapult

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Winter is coming.

If you haven’t stopped down in I Explore yet then I recommend you do! For the next couple of weeks the We Explore programming will be all about simple machines. Kids will get the chance to not only learn about simple machines, but build their own. Activities include: A simple machines Simon Says, learning about simple machines through hands-on wooden simple machine models, and letting kids build their own small PVC simple machine — a PVC catapult!

Another program you’re glad the kids can do here and not in the home.

On top of building your own simple and complex machines the kids get to launch soft foam balls at a waffle block castle they get to build. We think the kids and adults love it so far.

Come to the We Explore programming held in I Explore every day, and see what all the fun is about!

Public Programming blog by Megan Brown. Megan is an Exhibition Leader of our Young Guest Experiences here at the Science Center.

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