NJTV spotlights LSC's twisty Sherlock Holmes exhibition

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Everyone is talking The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes! Our newest premium exhibition is a twisty, immersive adventure, where you and your group are transported to London in the 1890s and tasked with solving a murder mystery in the spirit of Sherlock Holmes himself.

Lauren Wanko from NJTV News recently stopped by for an amazing feature on the exhibition. Her visit included an interview with LSC President and CEO Paul Hoffman, who spoke to why people are so excited to come together and solve a mystery.

"I think in an age when all of us are spending more time on digital media, this coming together in person, there's a real increase in that," Hoffman said "Because as human beings, we have that social need."

Wanko also interviewed a few guests, such as Holmdel resident April Licato who described what she loved about the exhibition: "The unknown. The mystery. I think people want answers."

By pure coincidence, Wanko also interviewed visitor Tania Henzell, who happens to be the step great great granddaughter of Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. What a great surprise!

Check out the video:

Now's your turn to crack the case! Visit The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes on your next visit to Liberty Science Center. Click here to learn more.

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