Our youngest ball python snake still has more growing to do

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Did you know ball python snakes can live up to 30 years old?

That means our youngest ball python, who we’ve named “Sillman,” has a lot more growing to do! He hasn’t yet reached his tenth birthday (or “hatch day,” rather) and so therefore we expect to still see rapid growth from him.

During a recent measurement of our snakes, Sillman weighed 1.46 pounds and measured 38.58 inches long. That number’s only going to grow from here!

Another unique fact about Sillman is that even though most ball pythons have brown and green coloration, Sillman is amelanistic, which is similar to – but not exactly – albino. Sillman is named for Arnold J. Sillman, a professor at UC Davis who studied the photoreceptors and visual pigments in the retina of ball pythons.

Come meet our fascinating snakes on your next visit to LSC! They can be found in our Eat and Be Eaten exhibition, along with 100+ animal species.

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