Showing off 3D-printed prosthetics during National Engineers Week

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Have you heard about 3D-printed prosthetics? They’re a great resource for people who have lost limbs, and they’re becoming so quick and easy to make.

During LSC’s Engineering Everywhere event (a celebration of National Engineers Week), we displayed 3D-printed hands made right here in LSC’s MakerLab, and even showed their wrist power and movements. These hands only took a day to make via one of the Science Center’s 3D printers.

Check it out:

During their visit, guests learned how printable prosthetics can be fully customized to the wearer and adjusted whenever needed.

We even got this cool timelapse of our 3D printer creating a chess piece using the same filament as was used with the prosthetic hand. Each strand of filament is only 0.4mm thick!

Interested in learning more about the wonders of 3D printing? You’re invited to join us at one of our MakerLab Weekend Workshops! Use 3D printers and other tools to create something special with the guidance of our MakerLab educators. Click here to learn more.

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