Snake at Liberty Science Center

Snakes can ‘smell’ using their tongues, and other cool superpowers that animals have

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February is the final month of Liberty Science Center’s DC Super Heroes exhibition! To celebrate, we’re throwing a Superhero Weekend event from Feb. 13-16!

On these days, the building will be filled with adventures inspired by your favorite superheroes.

You’ll also get the chance to learn more about animals and their superpowers when you visit our Wild About Animals exhibition on the third floor!

As you get ready for Superhero Weekend, check out some of these cool animal superpower facts based on the animals at Liberty Science Center:

  • Rose-Haired Tarantulas may not be able to swing from building to building like Spider-Man, but they have "hairs" on their bodies they can fling at predators.
  • Some lizards, including the Black and White Tegu and the Blue-Tongued Skink, are able to regenerate their tail using cartilage after it is broken off or injured.
  • Norway Rats have the ability to hold their breath underwater for three minutes.
  • Marine Toads have a poison called "bufotoxin" they can secrete from their warts and glands behind their eyes.
  • Macaws can see light in the ultraviolet spectrum, which helps them tell if fruits are ripe.
  • Snakes can "smell" using their forked tongues to pick up particles from the air.
  • The Calabar Python's skin is 15 times thicker than other pythons and boas to help protect it while hunting sharp-toothed rodents.

Click here to get tickets now for Superhero Weekend. The fun lasts from Feb. 13-16!

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