The bees have returned to Liberty Science Center!

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Guess who’s back in the house? Now that it’s spring, our beehive colony has returned to the observation hive!

On your next visit to LSC, you can head to the third floor and peer inside our beehive, seeing real honey bees hard at work building honeycomb and making honey.

Look for the drones, workers, and, of course, the queen! You can identify the queen by a white dot painted on her back.

The queen!

Today we spotted our beekeeper, Joe Lelinho from Hilltop Honey, installing the beehive.

When one guest asked whether he ever gets scared being around so many bees, Joe gave this answer: “They're actually very docile. They’re not looking to sting anything – they only sting when they are being protective of something.”

Joe Lelinho from Hilltop Honey

Watching Joe hard at work

Installing the beehive

After you’re finished viewing the bees, be sure to explore our Bees to Bots gallery right next door, and learn all about the surprisingly high-tech world of bee science. Don't get left out from the buzz!

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