The best Halloween party of the season was at Liberty Science Center

LSC After Dark

There’s no better way to celebrate the spooky season than at LSC After Dark!

On Oct. 18 at LSC After Dark: Monster Masquerade, guests filled the Science Center dressed in their best outfits – ranging from scary to creepy to clever to funny – to enjoy the best Halloween party of the month.

Buzz Lightyear


Sanderson Sisters


Wooly Willy

Both inside and outside the building, LSC was filled with amazing Halloween adventures.

In The Spider Maze, a 4,000-sq-ft webby labyrinth, guests solved an immersive puzzle while encountering massive (fake) spiders along and learning about these fascinating arachnids.

We also brought back the Doom Zoo haunted laboratory, this time bigger and more traumatizing than ever! Brave guests entered the workshop of Dr. Krieger von Crimson, a surgeon obsessed with blurring the line between man and animal, and confronted his scientific abominations.

In the Doom Zoo

In the Doom Zoo

The Doom Zoo was so scary that we kept a Tear Tally to keep track of how many people cried!

Tear Tally

Some other Halloween adventures included the Zombie Foodie show, a live presentation led by a food blogger zombie that incorporated real animal hearts, stomachs, livers, intestines, and lungs, and the Fang-Tastic Live Animal Show, where guests met LSC’s creepiest residents such as snakes and tarantulas.

Zombie Foodie

A few of our special experiments included Pumpkin Bingo, where guests used an endoscope to see inside a pumpkin and check off their discoveries via a Bingo card, and the Bat Lab, where guests learned about the different adaptations of bats and even used an audio amplifier to hear like one.

At the Pepper’s Ghost Illusion Chamber, guests learned about pepper’s ghost – an old technique used to create the illusion of ghosts in haunted houses – and even turned themselves into ghosts!

Pepper's Ghost Illusion Chamber

At the Bug Buffet, guests learned about the nutritional benefits of bug-eating by actually eating some bugs.

Bug Buffet

But don’t worry – bugs weren’t the only food we had on the menu. Midnight Market returned this month with delicious food from local vendors, at only $5 per plate.

Over at the Specialty Cocktail Bar, guests enjoyed spooky drinks such as the Witches Brew, Vampire Kiss, Green Goblin, Black Magic, and Cotton Candy Lemonade.

Enjoying cocktails

Guests also enjoyed free wine tastings courtesy of Super Buy-Rite Wine and Spirits.

At the wine tasting

We were also joined by investigators from the Paranormal Assistance & Research Association and UnScene paranormal web series. At a live presentation, guests learned more about the equipment they use for their paranormal investigations, plus viewed video clips and listened to audio recordings.

At the paranormal investigator live presentation

In the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium and LSC Giant Dome Theater – the biggest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere – guests enjoyed two different shows: Black Holes, a journey through a supermassive black hole narrated by Liam Neeson, and the SpooktacuLaser Show featuring classic Halloween songs (including Rocky Horror, Michael Jackson, Ghostbusters, and more) set against high-tech lasers.

The dance floor was rocking all night with DJ RU Chris.

On the dance floor

At the end of the night, we awarded our costume contest winners! The outfits this month were so incredible that we awarded multiple winners.

Costume contest winner

Costume contest winners

Costume contest winner

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped make it the most incredible Halloween party in the NJ/NYC area!

And don't forget to check out this great video of the Spider-Man dance-off at the party!

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