The Tribbles have arrived!

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Get ready to meet the Tribbles!

The tiny, fuzzy creatures from Star Trek are our newest animal residents. Starting Dec. 26, they will be on display in our Eat and Be Eaten exhibition, alongside all our other animals such as the naked mole rats, cotton-top tamarins, and leaf-cutter ants.

Some fast facts about the Tribbles:

  • They originate from a planet called Iota Geminorum IV, making them our first animal residents from outer space
  • They are harmless to humans (they are quite slow and have no teeth)
  • They multiply like crazy! This is the only thing that's troubling about Tribbles. An individual Tribble can produce 20 more in a day
  • We also have a Mirror Universe Tribble. This particular Tribble is cranky and ravenous (though not dangerous) so we are sure to give it extra attention

Under our care at LSC, the Tribbles will live happily while we safely monitor their population growth. If one were to escape, we would need to act fast, as the entire Science Center would soon be stuffed with Tribbles!

After you're done meeting the Tribbles, head to the fourth floor and experience our premium exhibition, Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience, where you'll immerse yourself in technology and adventures from the Star Trek universe.

The Tribbles are part of our 12 Days of Science winter activities. Click here to see our full list of activities.

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